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Culture Holidays in Aran

"Cultural Holidays on Inis Mór, Aran Islands, Ireland". Get to know the fascinating, rich and unique tradition of the Aran Islands that has existed here for thousands of years. Programme includes; Set Dancing, Gaelic Singing, Storytelling, Archaeology, Celtic Heritage, Walks, Boat Trips, Traditional Basket Making and a lot more. View our website now!

Aran Gallery

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Things to do on the Aran Islands

Walking on Aran

The Aran Way consists of three separate walks on the three Aran Islands. The walks are designed to show the walker the history of the island, from the mysterious stone forts of unknown origin to the early Christian churches and graves, and also how the islanders have created a living and happy community depsite the harshness of the environment. Below are some of the walks:

The Inis Mor Way - 34km/21 miles

The Inis Meain Way - 8km/5 miles

The Inis Oirr Way - 10.5km/6.5 miles

Highest point is Baile na mBocht - 122m/400ft

Tel: +353 (0)99 73010

Ragus - A Unique Irish Experience

The best of Irish music song and dance culminating in an hour long cresendo of exhilarating sounds of hard shoe dancing interwoven with great music and haunting airs from the rich sean nos tradition of Connemara and Aran. Presented by outstanding Irish traditional musicians and dancers.

Halla Ronain, Kilronan, Aran Islands. 3 shows per day, June to August, 2.45pm, 5pm and 9pm.
Tel: +353(0)99 61515

Ionad Arann - Aran's Heritage Centre

Ionad Arann, Aran Island's Heritage Centre Kilronan, Inishmore is situated on the largest of the three Aran Islands. The centre introduces visitors to the landscape, traditions and culture of Aran. The history and present lifestyles of Aran's people are documented here using charts, photographs and maps.

Ionad Arann has information on Dun Aengus and other island forts which were probably built about 2000 years ago. It also has a history of the island's monasteries, and information about many sucessful local writers. The islanders national dress is displayed, and visitors can experience examples of the intricate Aran style knitting.

Life on the islands has always revolved around the sea which has been a source of food, as well as a source of danger. Many of the exhibitions in Ionad Arann focus on this double edged relationship giving an insight into the joys and difficulties and ordinary matters of island life.

Open Summer every day 10am - 7pm, less in Winter. Admission to Heritage Centre free. Admission to exhibition and "Man of Aran" film separately 3.50 euro (adult) or 5.50 euro for both. Child 3 euro.

Heritage Centre Website, click here...

The Currach - A Traditional Craft

Currachs are open canoes made by stretching a fabric over a wooden frame. They have been used on the islands for thousands of years and are ideally adapted to the rough seas around the coast.

Currachs do not need harbours or piers as they can land on practically any smooth shore. The outer skin was once made of animal hides, but today has been replaced by stretched canvas covered with tar. This makes the boats light and easy to repair.

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